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      Product descriptions & specifications:
  • The icm 3000 is a 2-in-1 machine that will help you count your cash(notes+coins) in a few minutes!
  • Where most money counters count coins or notes, the icm 3000 counts both.
  • From the smallest coin denomination to the largest banknote;
  • the handy user interface will ask for coin and banknote types in the right order.
  • The device will add up the amounts accurately, quickly and quietly.
  • The total amount, the numbers and the amount per coin
  • banknote type can be  read on the illuminated lcd screen right away
  • and print the counting result with connection to the printer.
  • The icm 3000 features counting for 3 default currencies at once.
  • Its built-in usb port enables easy installation of other world currencies
      Specs and features:
  • Counts both coins and banknotes.
  • Optional printer link-up for printing out count with total and sub-totals
  • 3 selectable currencies built-in: i. E. Zar, eur, usd, 
  • Software for all world currencies: usd, eur, gbp, rub, chf, aud, dkk, nok, pln.
  • Built-in usb interface for easy currency updates.
  • Pc software to display, store and print counting results.
  • Large blue lcd screen with white backlight.
  • Full count breakdown displayed.
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SUPPORT LINE : 0861-88-88-40
SUPPORT LINE : 0861-88-88-40
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